Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is available to cover you and your family’s routine dental visits as well as major dental work like cavities and crowns. We have access to various dental carriers who offer competitive rates to best fit your needs.

Vision Insurance

Your eyes are important, and vision insurance offers benefits to take care of them. Vision insurance covers thingsĀ like eye exams, frames, lenses, and even contact lenses that your regular health insurance policy does not offer.


Group Benefits

Group dental and vision plans allow employers to offer benefits to their employees without breaking the bank. Most plans allow both employer and employee contributions, offer a broad range of benefits, and are potentially tax-deductible for the business and its employees.
If you are looking for dental or vision insurance for you and your family, follow the link below to get a personalized quote. You can also contact us directly at (775) 221-7417 to discuss the specific needs of your business.Get a Dental and Vision Quote Now!