Why Buy Life Insurance?

Life insurance serves various purposes, but most people purchase life insurance to protect loved ones in the case of an unexpected death.  Did you also know that life insurance can serve as a supplemental source of income during retirement?  The benefits of life insurance can create a sound financial foundation for your future by helping:

  • A spouse pay off their mortgage

  • A child pay for their education

  • A spouse continue to stay at home even after the loss of an income

  • A business to continue operating

  • To create a potential source of tax-free income during retirement

Term Life

A simple solution


Term life is basic coverage that does not build cash value. It is typically inexpensive and purchased with a specific time frame or purpose (to cover a mortgage, other debts).

Whole Life

Long term coverage

Whole Life:

Whole life policies serve to build cash value as well as provide a death benefit to your beneficiaries. While more expensive, they also guarantee fixed premiums for the life of the policy.

Universal Life

A hybrid solution

Universal Life:

Universal life offers more flexibility than term or whole life. It still offers a death benefit and potential to gain cash value, but also offers more flexible ways of funding the policy.